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Author: Pijus
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Description: When you look at this image, the first thing you see is a bright and sort of floaty profile silhouette of a head with a shade brighter circle inside. This head represents creators work and the mind and soul of that creator embedded into it. From its wavy, dissolved edges you can see that the “creation” is floating. Floating in a body of water filled with noise, which in this case represents the internet since it is the most prominent source of recognition for all kinds of work and creations these days. The multiple copies of eyes stacked one on top of another on the left side of the picture help emphasize on that recognition. Another thing you might notice are two grey beams, shining on multiple warped, partial copies of that same silhouette and also a grey overlay of a shattered silhouette over the original one. With this I wanted to show how copied works and ideas can never match the original ones no matter their quantity and also how imitating someone’s work can slowly destroy the soul and richness of the work that’s being imitated. The static waves on the bottom are meant to show how repetitive and never ending this whole situation is. The question “CAN YOU RECOGNISE YOURSELF IN HERE?” is meant for both the creator of original work and the copycat, when looking at the imitation. I think the meaning of this question is fairly simple, however, I would still like to not reveal my own thoughts about it and give a chance for everyone to interpret it in their own way.