About the project

SIGN – Sensibilization campaign for Intellectual property right protection

SIGN is a European funded project which aims to increase the perception, in young consumers, of the intellectual property rights value as engine of social and economical progress for the entire community.
SIGN is a project that sees the partnership of 8 consumer associations based in different European countries and connected to ECU – European Consumer union.



The concept of “copyright” is related to a set of rules regulating the intellectual property rights.

In each Country and at the international level, there are rules governing the use, dissemination, distribution and marketing of literary, theatrical, architectural, cinematographic and musical works. These rules governing also the use and marketing of computer programs and database.



Intellectual property rights play a vital role in society. They help creators, inventors and developers to drive our businesses, societies and economies. They support enterprises, create jobs and give us a guarantee of quality and safety when we buy goods and services. IP is part of our daily life: it´s the brand of your favourite drink, the design of the shoes you wear or the car you drive.

Unfortunately, many people still believe that IP rights have little to do with their day-to-day lives. The Observatory stakeholders are therefore doing a huge amount of awareness raising to help people understand the value of IP in today’s society.